Youth dating violence programs

by  |  30-Apr-2016 16:16

Many successes were achieved during our pilot phase and we were able to fully train and support six youth facilitators.

The workshops focused several different aspects of teen dating violence including: power and control in teen dating relationships; Recognizing tactics that abusers use to maintain power and control; Naming qualities of a healthy relationship.

The workshops challenged our socialization – the way we look at what it means to be feminine and masculine and how those notions play a role in violence against young women in relationships.

Battered Women’s Support Services has been delivering youth prevention programming since the late 1980’s.

Our program includes multimedia components and discussion within mixed gender and single gender youth environments, primarily within the school system (conventional, alternative and private) for secondary school students.

Watch a 3 minute video that describes the Dating Matters Recently, efforts to prevent teen dating violence have grown, particularly in schools and among policymakers and sexual violence and domestic violence prevention groups.

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