Telugu adult sex chat numbers - Wpf itemssource not updating

by  |  28-Apr-2015 21:22

I have a WPF project where I am using the entity framework. Clear() but I am still not able to update the collection.

It does seem more intuitive to take this approach however Data Grid Columns are not actually part of the visual tree and only the Binding DPs will actually be set on generated cell elements to inherit Data Grid’s Data Context.

This works because internally when the cell is being generated, the Content of the cell will have its layout updated which will make it part of the visual tree and it will have access to the correct Data Context.

When Items Source is set, the Items property cannot be used to control the displayed values.

If you later set Items Source to null, Items becomes usable again.

And lets see the new XAML after all of this, because this wouldn't work with your old XAML: The binding would be off.

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