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Every desktop and laptop computer in common use today contains a microprocessor as its central processing unit. To get its work done, the microprocessor executes a set of instructions known as software (see How Microprocessors Work for details).You are probably very familiar with two different types of software: ­It turns out that the BIOS is the third type of software your computer needs to operate successfully.On the other hand, we have previously covered why you shouldn’t generally update your hardware drivers, although gamers will definitely want to update their graphics drivers. BIOS updates will not make your computer faster, they generally won’t add new features you need, and they may even cause additional problems.

If you get a BIOS for another piece of hardware – even a slightly different revision of the same motherboard – this could cause problems.

BIOS flashing tools usually try to detect whether the BIOS fits your hardware, but if the tool attempts to flash the BIOS anyway, your computer could become unbootable.

Resetting from Within BIOSResetting the Jumper Removing the CMOS Battery Community Q&A Have you recently made a change to your computer's hardware and need to reset your BIOS?

Are you locked out of a computer that you purchased secondhand because of an unknown BIOS password?

BIOSes are computer-specific (or motherboard-specific), so you will need the BIOS for your exact model of computer (or motherboard) to update your computer’s BIOS.

What does updating the bios do

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