Volume pot dating

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Does it differ between models - how do I tell what my board sets are from?

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I am very hesitant to try to work on one without having any test equipment or electronic manuals to help diagnose the problem.

From my conversations with Kellyco I may have cracked the coil.

For a 100K with switch the part number would be a 104 not 103.

So please someone, help clear this up for me: is the complete pot set made of three 100K pots with switches and two 10K without or is it some other mix?

Well after some online research on OBN, I have the required information to allow me to attempt a "pot" repair on my BLUE 1000. Box 67 Thief River Falls, Mn 56701-0677 I will work on this later tomorrow & post results after I complete. Hard to hold the board in place without some type of device to mount it on while working.

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