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Linden Lab) and, in September 2006, security (customer security).Criticism of quality assurance of Second Life states that Linden Lab focuses too much on bringing new features to the production environment instead of fixing long-standing bugs that, in the worst case, cause financial loss for the users.The ability for a single real individual to create an unlimited number of accounts for free could have the effect of highly exaggerating the "residence" figures.

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On April 30, 2007 an open letter, signed by over 700 Computer hardware and Internet connections capable of smoothly rendering high quality content in other MMOGs may perform poorly in Second Life, resulting in low frame rates and unresponsive controls on even minimal graphical configurations.

The problem is especially prevalent when large numbers of avatars congregate in one area.

A single region (65536 m causing some popular locations such as teleportation points to become inaccessible at times.

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