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The name field determines which group that a particular button belongs to.

The value that will be passed for a specific group when the form is submitted will be the value of the button within the group that is selected at the time that the form is submitted.

The creation of multiple groups of radio buttons for the one form is also straightforward.

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The first thing that to look at when using radio buttons on our form is how the buttons need to be coded in order for them to function properly as radio buttons.

The desired behavior we want is to have only one button selected at a time; when one button is selected then any previously selected button will be automatically deselected.

The following function will validate that one of the radio buttons in a group has been selected: To use the above function, call it from within your form validation routine and pass it the radio button group name.

It will return the value of the button within the group that is selected, or return a null value if no button in the group is selected.

For example, here is the code that will perform the radio button validation: event attached to the validate (or submit) button on the form.

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