Updating technomate software

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This article has been made by merging a number of posts from this very informative thread on our forum How to use your satellite dish Written by John ( Don Quixote) This thread is not intended to teach anyone to “suck eggs”, but it would appear that many owners have not had the automatic systems that they have fitted explained to them or those with the dish on a tripod do not know where to look for the satellite of their choice ( there are many to choose from which have English audio if you know where to look ).

If I can answer a question I will, however I do not know it all, but after a total of 12 years on and off doing this as a hobby I have a fair idea, so please ask.

You need to check however that it is capable of running 240volt and 12 volt ( unless you are happy with just 240volt, as there is more choice ).

I recommended this to a friend here in Spain the other day: can be used in any MH with 240volt or with an inverter.

Coupled together, these new Full HD 1080p and 3D compatible LNBs will give you the few extra % in signal (compared to other 0.1d B LNBs it is so much better ).

The Receiver: If you are only interested in receiving UK channels ie: BBC, ITV etc then a simple “free to air” satellite box will do.

If traveling around the EU then things get a bit “hit and miss” In France a 60cm dish will work, but as you move away from the UK the channels will stop working ( not be seen ).

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