Updating suse linux 9 2

by  |  30-Jul-2015 12:31

You can find the installation guides for installing Red Hat Linux under Red Hat Linux Manuals.NOTE: You cannot download Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1, you can only download the source code.But when I used less swap space on this PC (256MB RAM), I was runnig out of memory.

updating suse linux 9 2-44

If you want to get the binary CDs, you will have to buy it at

Installing Software Packages (RPMs) You don't have to install all RPMs when you want to run an Oracle9i database on Red Hat Linux.

But since I cannot say for sure that a 9i (9.0.1) installation error will never show up during 9i R2 (9.2.0) installation, I simply kept all errors and problems listed together, see Oracle Installation Errors and Oracle Installation Problems, Important Tips and Hints.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3 (RHEL AS 3) In order to install an Oracle9i R2 database on RH AS 3, the "Oracle9i R2 Patch Set 3" patchset and some other patches must be applied.

I tried to test the limits on an older PC with 256 MB of RAM and with 600 MB of swap space.

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