Updating my personal profile

by  |  16-Sep-2016 18:52

With more and more people using profile images to reflect what's going on and of interest to them in their lives at a particular moment, Facebook has added the ability to schedule your profile image so that you can more easily change it, and have it change back, to support a particular event or cause or activity.

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If you have connected to any web services, click the checkbox underneath the web service to indicate how you wish to be contacted via that service [1].

To add additional services, click the Manage Registered Services link.

If you choose to add a cover (background) photo, it will appear behind the text you add to the description box. Use the Description box to tell a nice story about yourself, your business, or whatever you want!

Select the Once you've filled in everything you want, don't forget to save your changes!

Your Livefyre profile can include, amongst a number of other things, your first name, last name, a short bio, email address, and location, all of which are purely optional.

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