Updating c905

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It is the flagship model in Sony Ericsson's range for 2008 and it was released on 22 October 2008.It's the first 8-megapixel camera phone to be released outside Korea, while adding the Assisted GPS (A-GPS) and Wi-Fi function.This problem happens due to internal data corruption (caused by the phone), and can only be fixed by restoring the phone to its original software/firmware — meaning that all personal data will be erased.

updating c905-11

Neu hinzu kommt Sonys Cyber-shot-Funktion Smile Shutter.

Ist sie aktiviert, dann löst die Kamera automatisch aus, wenn die Person im Sucher lächelt.

It is also the first Sony Ericsson mobile phone to support the DLNA sharing network and is the first Cyber-shot phone to feature in AT&T.

For some users, the C905 can suddenly fail to startup, and instead just show a black screen with the backlight turning on and off repeatedly [1][2][3].

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Updating c905

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