Updating backtrack

by  |  29-Aug-2015 00:09

Wpscan is wordpress security scanner, which is pre-installed in backtrack 5 , but it`s outdated version, so when you tried to update it, you may have face some problems. ruby --url p ==WPSTOOLS ARGUMENTS== --help | -h This help screen. (supply number of *pages* to parse, default : 150) --gpl Alias for --generate_plugin_list --check-local-vulnerable-files | --clvf to find vulnerable files or shells ==WPSTOOLS EXAMPLES== - Generate a new 'most popular' plugin list, up to 150 pages ... --force | -f Forces WPScan to not check if the remote site is running Word Press. option : u usernames from id 1 to 10 u[10-20] usernames from id 10 to 20 (you must write [] chars) p plugins vp only vulnerable plugins ap all plugins (can take a long time) tt timthumbs t themes vp only vulnerable themes at all themes (can take a long time) Multiple values are allowed : '-e tt,p' will enumerate timthumbs and plugins If no option is supplied, the default is 'vt,tt,u,vp' --exclude-content-based '' Used with the enumeration option, will exclude all occurrences based on the regexp or string supplied You do not need to provide the regexp delimiters, but you must write the quotes (simple or double) --config-file | -c Only brute force the supplied username. ruby --url darkc0--username admin Enumerate installed plugins... --generate_plugin_list [number of pages] Generate a new data/file.

#demandglobalchange // https:// Check out Backtrack 4 USB Install – Offensive Security and procedure only works for Backtrack 4 Pre-final.

You need a 4Gb (or bigger) USB stick to run BT4 Pre-Final.

Also if you find any bugs or have any feedback feel free to contact me in this Thread.

I will update the thread with each update to the script.

Updating the Exploit DB it is a necessary task so we will use a small bash script that will allow us to perform the update in Backtrack automatically.

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