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I am so in love and I want to be together again after her trip. Pensive And Insecure Now She wants to get out there and do “things she didn’t get to do in her teens,” i.e., fuck other guys and most likely date other guys.This isn’t what you want, PAIN, you’ve made that clear to her, but she’s gonna fuck other guys anyway.

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(I promise you most of the “snowbunnies” he’s chatted with were other men.) The world is full of people who enjoy pretending to be someone they’re not, from cosplayers pretending to be Captain America or Poison Ivy to creative anachronists pretending to be knights and ladies to Donald Trump Jr. We can’t gloss over the racial/racist cultural forces that shaped your boyfriend’s kinks, of course, but it’s possible to explore those kinds of fantasies online or IRL without being a racist piece of shit.

And a person can pretend to be someone of another race online—because it turns them on—without injecting racial hate into online spaces and/or thoughtlessly reinforcing damaging stereotypes about people of other races. One month ago, she told me she has thoughts about missing out on the things she didn’t get to do in her teens. Also, she says she feels only a mild love for me now and is curious about other men.

A serial adulterer/betrayer/liar is a cheating piece of shit; someone who cheated once, regrets it, and makes a good-faith, multi-decade effort not to do it again is a fallible human being.

My boyfriend of five years is a sweet, smart, handsome, loving, supportive, middle-aged, chubby white guy. When we first met, he shared a fantasy he had about watching me get fucked by a black guy.

What makes me sad is that I adore him as he is—I love his big white belly, his bald head, and his rosy cheeks.

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