The word intimidating most closely means how does internet dating work

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the word intimidating most closely means-13

We are particularly missing one family, who moved away a couple of years ago. These ladies possessed large painted plywood cutouts of everything from Santa and his reindeer to snowmen, and there might’ve even been a nutcracker soldier in the mix.

While they were still with us, the man of the house would mount a large circular wooden “peace” sign, illuminated with white light bulbs, on the roof of his garage. They strung colored lights on top of their fence, and as you drove by their house, there was a point where you could see into their backyard, and you discovered that the backyard had lighted Christmas decorations too.

They might run a string of colored lights along their roof gutter and call it good. They’ll put up the gutter lights, and then they will buy those little laser projectors and shove them into the ground in the front lawn.

When they turn them on, the whole front of the house sparkles with hundreds and hundreds of points of laser light.

Look back at the context and it makes it very clear.

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