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On the contrary, what I discovered was a very civilised party. There are all sorts of people you would not expect, from television personalities and judges to lowly policeman or doctors and nurses.

It was at a country house that is dedicated once a month to these practices. In this particular place there was one that was partially lit and one that was fully lit with a sex swing. Wherever you look you will find a few swingers in any street. In Britain you generally find it is a cash and carry buffet for people who get the munchies when they have been playing too hard.

Why can't the swinger community accommodate single men but welcome single women?

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Before the event I thought the women would be either professionals or desperate and the men would want to display their own prowess.

The automatic assumption is that these are people who cannot obtain sexual gratification without going to places formally established for that purpose.

As for the "no single men" rules at almost all swingers parties, ODDS, your boyfriend is right: a swingers party that allowed single men to attend would quickly be overwhelmed by single men.

Even if the club enforced rules against groups of men surrounding single women or MF pairs or MFF triads and jerking off while they watch—or, worse yet, single men clumsily attempting to insert themselves into the action—most women wouldn't feel comfortable attending a party where there were three hundred men and thirty women.

Too much male energy—too many single men without the social skills to find (or rent) a female friend or lover who wants to attend a swingers party with them—would result in women fleeing the swinging party/club/scene en masse.

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