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by  |  17-Feb-2016 02:13

The fact that this website offers free registration is sure to attract a great deal of users.

The site allows users to search for a prospective match based on their location, income level and several other parameters.

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Moreover, wealthy users can choose to become certified members and add credibility to their profiles.

Email, e-greetings and 'flirts' are some of the connectivity options that can be employed to send personal messages.

Instead they want someone with whom they can spend some quality time, hang out and go on vacations", she added.

During a press meet, a spokesperson of the website said, "Millionaires are busy individuals and need an exclusive platform to find a prospective partner. Their needs and the way they perceive things are very different from others.

Despite the reporter's fast response, netizens are now convinced that So Ji Sub and Jooyeon have been dating all along.

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