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But her relationship with her father has been a source of great pain in her life.

Small children essentially absorb their parents’ words, thoughts and deeds into their unconscious minds, and there is no filter.

“Good” or “bad”; intentional or unintentional – whatever the child is exposed to is absorbed into their unconscious, and anything that is repeatedly placed there becomes part of the very fabric of it.

When a father is generally disapproving, distant and/or abusive (whether physically or verbally) towards his daughter, this is literally wired into her psyche.

In extreme cases, this can negatively impact – not only in girlhood, but in adulthood too – how her nervous system and all the other systems of her body function (stress will do that, as explained here), which will in turn affect how she feels in herself, and how she relates to others.

Most women subconsciously gravitate towards men who accord her the same level – or lack – of value and empathy our fathers did.

Stopping daughter from dating

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