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(Superior view) There are two sides called hemispheres.

In most migraine headaches the pain is unilateral, which means it is in one hemisphere. In women who have migraines it is usually connected with their menstruation cycle.

About 60% of women have these menstrual or menstrually-related migraines and the main trigger is believed to be reduced circulating estrogen levels, i.e.

Most migraines cause a headache and nausea and might make the person dizzy or very sensitive to bright lights or loud noises.

Some people have "auras" before a migraine starts, which means their ability to see becomes different. Migraines have been classified, based on how often they happen in a month: If a person has a headache for less than fifteen days, the migraine is called episodic migraine (EM).

The World Health Organization says that migraine headache is the most costly brain problem for treatment and disability in the European Union and the United States.

This is what a normal human brain looks like if a you were looking down at the top of a persons head.

There are different risk factors which make a person more likely to have migraines.

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