Speed dating in jamaica

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Yet when I decide to turn on my high beams oncoming cars flash the crap out of theirs to make me turn mine off. To add to the frustration I’m usually the only foreigner in each line up and it seems I’m invisible because Jamaicans just cut in front of me like I’m not there….until I get rude and stand my ground. I cringe if I know I need to go into one of their stores because it’s chaos.

They NEED to implement a “take a number” system because there are no line-ups.

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People who need service just stand around anywhere, there’s no order to the process, no one knows nor cares who was there first, and the customer service reps behind the counter deal with at least 3 people at a time.

No joke – they could be fiddling with your phone at the same time as making a call for the next person AS WELL AS selling credit to a next person.

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I adore this little island sitting in the middle of the ocean more than anyone (in MY fact book). I’m amazed at how the dogs (most of them) will wait until the coast is clear before crossing the road. More often than not when I’m driving in unfamiliar territory there’s at least one missing road sign and no street names that could give me clear direction to where I’m going. Although it’s not always a bad thing because getting lost is fun but it can be exhausting. I’ve been going to Jamaica for more than 13 years and STILL don’t know more than two of the eighteen million codes you can dial into your phone for various services.

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