Skype sex chat forum donetsk dating agency

by  |  21-Apr-2015 00:13

You dont need to be registered to flag one record there, if the record is public.If one video is reported for offensive content, usually, Youtube need less than few minutes to delete it.Using the flag tool alone will not result in any action taken for that option.

You will have to give your name and email address, but they will not be posted on the site. People often talk about using netstat to locate where the scammer is. It's just as easy to tell where they are from the details they use in their profile.

It also saves confusion, as many people assume their scammer is from the USA after doing this.

Not for the scams, but for having homosexual material on them.

You can read more about this later on in this thread. It's a trick that I've been using for 4 or 5 years now and involves nothing more than some screen capture software.

That´s mean you must use the Flag function with"invades my privacy" option.

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