Simon cowell paula abdul dating 2016

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In celebration of coming to an end after 15 seasons with an epic, three-night finale, let's take a look back at a few of the dynamic duos most telling moments that proved they were the best couple who were never actually a couple.

WATCH: 'American Idol' Finale: 15 Big Reveals From the Series Retrospective 1.

While still a member of the Laker Girls, Abdul got hired to choreograph the video to the Jacksons' song "Torture".

The attention the video got resulted in Abdul getting more work as a choreographer.

She got a deal with Virgin Records and released her debut album, Forever Your Girl, in 1988.

The album spawned the hit singles "Straight Up", "The Way That You Love Me", and "Opposites Attract".

Abdul left American Idol in 2009 after eight seasons.

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