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Even when he removed the food or didn’t give it to the dogs, the bell produced just as much saliva as when they got the food. That’s why I’ve got you performing these various exercises, and creating anchors. Alright, I will, just in case you’re hung over at the moment.

Soon enough, hearing the bell was enough to get the dogs salivating. All animals with the intelligence to connect cause and effect are the same (even though in this case, that connection is false).

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Talk about attraction and touch her stomach as you do. Link it to yourself, or to an object that will cause her to remember you.

Example: “I had fun chatting.”“Me too.”“Well, tell you what.

Instead of walking away, you could do something like this:“That’s awesome. Lis3 Nten, my friend says when she’s passionate about a guy, she feels it in back of her throat, and it travels out the top of her head.

Do you mind if I ask how it felt with your boyfriend?

Take all the fun you’ve had here, and put it in this. Learn to steer the conversation to happy emotions – and the situations to exciting spots (hint: fear and heat both feel similar to passion and sex, physiologically) – and you can stimulate powerful productive connections between good feelings and yourself.

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