Sccm update distribution point not updating

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The objective of this document is to show you how to handle Microsoft Windows unattended PXE install scenarios, PXE booting Windows PE, and finally setting Serva as a single PXE front-end simultaneously targeting Serva's own repository, Microsoft WDS/MDT/SCCM repositories, and more.

Procedures described in this document require Serva "Pro" Serva PXE/BINL - Application Note Set PXE/BINL - AN01: Windows Network Install PXE/BINL - AN02: Windows Network Install (Adv) & Win PE Boot PXE/BINL - AN03: Non-Windows Network Boot/Install PXE/BINL - AN04: Custom menu 1.1 Required Software 1.1.1 Microsoft Windows Serva 3.0.0 "Pro" or higher. 1.1.5 Microsoft WDS/MDT/SCCM boot WIMs and their repositories.

1.1.2 Microsoft Install CD/DVD/ISO of the OSs you want to network install. 1.2 Assumed knowledge 1.2.1 Serva PXE/BINL - AN01: Windows Install 1.2.2 WAIK/Windows ADK tools. In this chapter we explore the unattended install capabilities of Serva as an extension of the concepts developed on Serva PXE/BINL - AN01: Windows Install 2.1 RIS OSs: In this case the WIA unattended install capabilities are fully controlled by the corresponding \_SERVA_\

This file normally contains information about available RIS services, the destination computer, and the type of installation you are performing.

It also adds the health/configuration checks mentioned above to check for (and correct some) dependencies as well as report on systems still having issues. Instead, version 1.53 includes the ability to call an external script to do this for you. I would consider it part of an overall client health strategy, but similar to WMI, there are so many different things that can go wrong with clients that it wouldn’t be impossible to keep up.

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