Salsa dancing dating

by  |  18-Jul-2015 07:28

It wouldn’t take too long for you to meet someone who knows a great place to practice some serious Salsa moves.

Indeed, it sizzles—like a red-hot Spanish chili smothered with piquant spices grown in the Caribbean.

If things go well, then you can proceed to the most interesting part: the Slow Tempo. Keep in mind that it’s not an excuse to act like a Neanderthal.

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Just like in dating, being real means showing who you really are.

Being comfortable in your skin makes you look sexy, and believe us, girls will notice how much fun you’re having on the dance floor.

If you’re a below-to-average dancer trying to look like John Travolta gyrating on the disco floor, don’t show off.

It looks awkward, and it won’t impress girls, either.

Aside from the attraction itself, dating is simply using common sense and consideration on a more intimate level.

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