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By using the same set of men and women, and changing only the apparent colour of their hair, this experiment was able to separate the influence of hair colour itself from other features of physical attractiveness, such as facial features, skin tone, height, and body proportions. Studies have shown time and again that facial symmetry, height, and body proportions matter the most to people’s immediate assessments of physical attractiveness.

Just as you might expect, based on common folk-wisdom and stereotypes, women were approached most often when wearing a blonde wig and men were rejected the most often when wearing a ginger wig. These are also features that are more intrinsic and harder to change or hide than hair colour.

This reassures people in their belief that redheads are “usually not hot”, simply because they don’t know how many hot people out there really are redheads.

At this time, there isn’t any evidence to suggest that gingers are less likely to have those traits that are considered “generically attractive” by the majority of the population, such as high cheekbones, symmetrical faces and well-proportioned bodies.

The same study found that the woman with the fiery wigs were only approached by 29 guys, while 127 men approached the women with blond wigs, 84 men approached women with the brown wigs, and 82 approached the women with the black wig. "One reason may stem from the stereotypes that people hold of redheads.

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