Free 40 dirty chat - Pay dating sites vs dating sites

by  |  02-Jan-2016 16:59

There are a tremendous amount of online dating options both free and paid, but what are the pros and cons of these services. To gain some context here, it should be pointed out that both free and paid dating sites have a similar business goal: making money. With that in mind, you may wonder how free dating sites make money.

Because dating sites can provide advertisers with their user’s behavioral and demographic information, the advertising space becomes targeted, relevant and valuable.

The second free model of upgrades is when users are offered “premium” services or account upgrades for an optional cost or pay per use.

3) You may get to a point where you need to upgrade and pay anyways. The majority of paid dating sites use the same system.

You sign-up and create your profile free, but then need to pay to view and interact with other members.

Your expectations can be low and anything you gain is a win!

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