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And, it's pretty proven that when a girl becomes single again, they always look foxy, because they go and get a makeover and they dress to impress! YES, it's gonna hurt and it's gonna suck. He sucks already and so by letting him go, you will already be moving up in the world.

And you need a clean break, as in block his number, facebook, any kind of connection. Tell your friends to take you down if you even try to reconnect! I was in a very similar boat when I was 16 years old, and I broke off all contact. I look back remember all the things I missed because my ear was attached to my phone and think how silly I was.

So then i went to go visit him in Houston for the 2 week Christmas vacations in 2011 were he and his family lives together and i stayed with him for a week and he came back with me and my family to were i live and stayed another week as we were in my town we went to the mall and he stared at a girl while we were at foot lockers but i stayed quiet so he stayed till Jan 2ND 2012 so by then in the end of Jan he told me he sent a IM to one of my friends that's a girl and she is VERY VERY sexy beautiful and damn HOT he has always bin honest with me no matter wat it is so when he told me he sent her "cute pic" when he would never comment on my pictures or make me feel special sexy beautiful or anything i got jealous so i made a whole big scene and decided to check his Facebook so one day i did and saw all these messages to so many girls and i saw that he asked a girl her number that did it for me i had had it because they were all hot and sexy and he never talked to me like that or made me fell like that. If you are going to go through the long distance torture, you have to be able to trust that your boyfriend isn't screwing around when he isn't with you.

so that broke my heart so i cried and cried so i decided to talk to other guys so he can get off my mind get over him and even not to feel depressed anymore but i did it without him knowing so I was talking to this guy in Feb 2012 and i talked to him so cool i was even liking him and i had phone sex with him i was mostly faking the noises but still i feel bad for what i did so i stopped talking to him(which i wish i didn't)and worked it out with my boyfriend so i recently told him about me talking to other guys but NOT that i had a kinda phone sex so he forgave me because he understood why i did it but mind you he doesn't know i had the phone sex. It really sucks when you realize that he is not faithful, and by the way he isn't being faithful to you at all! I understand you probably have a lot of pent of sexual tension, but it is so silly when you think about it.

Nothing is worse then a crash diet work out regimen.

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