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Relatives of an eccentric Millionaire gather at his spooky mansion for the reading of his will on the 20B/B 60 (6x400) Randolph Scott, Jane Wyatt & J.

Carrol Naish star in this Western adventure based around the building of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, Scott plays a surveyor who finds a vital pass for the new railroad, but there opposition from the Fur trappers and those pesky Indians!

Some animals can be forced to resort to cannibalism at times of extreme hunger.

But new footage has revealed dingoes in Australia will eat their own kind even when other food is available.

B /B 90 (800 & 2x600) Michael York, Jenny Agguter & Simon Mac Corkindale star in this thriller from 1979, as two yachtsmen find out about a plot to invade Britain by a flotilla of small ships in the early years of the Twentieth Century (just before WW1), and must outwit the German Navy commanded by Kaiser Wilhem himself. during WW2 is shot down in Italy, hes saved by a young Italian woman, once home he writes an Opera and realises although married hes fallen in love with his Italian saviour B 140 (5x400) OB Very rarely seen in the U. this is the F/L Thunderbird Films print of this 1933 London Films production starring Charles Laughton & Robert Donat, the print is in very good condition too!

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