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Many are leaders in their field, directing cutting-edge research and consulting for businesses and government."the Cambridge Judge Business School", "the Judge", "Judge", "the Judge Institute" or "JBS".With a camera of your own, you’ll have access to the artistic world 24/7.

The School is in the business of the transformation of individuals, of organisations and society. It means we work with every student and organisation at a deep level, identifying important problems and questions, challenging and coaching people to find answers, and creating new knowledge.

We bring forward the latest thinking from academia and professional practice, and apply our combined knowledge to specific business situations to turn this thinking into action.

The School's Executive Education division should be referred to in the first instance as either "Executive Education at Cambridge Judge Business School" or "Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education" (whichever reads better within the context of the overall piece).

Subsequently it can be referred to as "Executive Education" (please retain the capitalisation). Loch is the Director (Dean) of Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS), UK.

Whether it’s a fashion shoot under the stars or an unexpected bolt of inspiration at 3 am, we don’t want to hold you back on your path to creation.

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