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As far as hes concerned, Khloes coming to every damn game she chooses, an insider gushes. Tristan has a right to date whomever he chooses, but Bron has a point; the Kardashians are no good. I know they cringe when they look at those pictures. He's like a machine during the season and does not play about distractions.

Tristan told Le Bron straight up before last nights game that Khloe was coming and that was that. I'm trying to understand how is he head over heels in love and how is she a good luck charm. (checks his stats line) 0 points, 6 rebs and 4 fouls...luck she is. Khloe Kardashians relationship with Tristan Thompson has triggered quite the feud with his Cavaliers teammate Lebron James.

But with that said, Tristan still wont give in to his teammate by dumping Khloe because the NBA baller is head over heels in love with the TV star.

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He's like a machine during the season and does not play about distractions.

BUT I can see Lebron not really liking Khloe at the games.

The Twins were in New York to play a three-game series against the Yankees, which explains Radke's presence, and Radke was 11 games into a historic 12-game winning streak, which explains why Stern had a relatively unknown pitcher from a small-market team on the show despite having almost zero interest in sports. I got married at 24, but I didn't know I was going to be anything. He doesn't do anything." The interview then wraps up with this exchange: Stern: Just watch your arm, man. The week started with my being mentioned and quoted (sort of) in a Bill Simmons column over at, under what can best be described as odd circumstances.

After announcing that "the Minnesota Twins" were about to stop by--not such a stretch, given that Radke won 20 games for a team that went 45-82 when he didn't start--Stern tells sidekick Robin Quivers that perhaps the players will help offset the number of women who get undressed in the studio by showing her "their athletic asses." Stern then says Radke and Myers asked to come on the show because they're big fans, despite Stern's show being relatively new in Minnesota at the time. I just figured I'd be a big ugly guy the rest of my life. Then, as if that hadn't already made my month, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer stopped by the house Monday afternoon to interview me for several hours. A couple days later the pitcher whom I've watched start more games than any other retired after a dozen seasons in Minnesota. This probably isn't the last blog entry of 2006, since I'm sure I'll be back blogging at some point next week, but at the very least these links will have to hold you over until Tuesday ...

Tristan told Le Bron that Khloe is his good luck charm, and that if they lost last night, then hed consider asking her not to come in the future.

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