Is nick simmons dating rose

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, Khalifa didn’t just cheat on her with one woman, but with twin sisters! Though it was originally reported that Amber Rose caught Wiz Khalifa in a home he was living in separately from her, sources who know the couple now say that the home was owned by Khalifa, but it was a home in which Rose was also living.

The 30-year-old model turned actress posted photos to her Instagram account proving she’s just as beautiful as ever.

The Purdy family from Hertfordshire had barely settled into their 400-year-old £865,000 dream home when it burned to the ground in a blaze earlier this month after the thatched roof caught fire.

It made sense, as both Cannon and Amber Rose had been spotted in public together several times, and Cannon had already announced his divorce from diva Mariah Carey.

Both Rose and Cannon insisted their relationship was friendly, but totally platonic.

Now Paul Purdy, 38, his wife Sophie, 32 and their children Oliver, three and one-year-old Madeleine, are homeless for Christmas.

Is nick simmons dating rose

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