How to go from good friends to dating

by  |  28-Apr-2015 10:57

Get One-on-One Time Together Make time for a lunch, coffee or movie night for just the two of you.If you have been “just friends”, it’s real possible he or she just never has looked at you in that way.With that in mind, here are some tips for turning your opposite sex friend into a lover.

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Does this friend act noticeably different or distant?

If the flirting and the questions about your dating status continue, that’s a sign this person is into you.

Watch any movie and it makes the subject of how to date a friend look pretty easy. If a guy becomes friends with an attractive girl, while the two of them can be sincere about being “just friends”, there is usual some amount of unspoken mutual attraction and sexual tension between the two of you.

All you do is establish a friendship with a hot member of the opposite sex, become trusting best friends while you discuss sex and relationships with other people who don’t stack up, then the two of you finally get together after you seemingly have shown no inclination to date and little or no attraction before the two of you suddenly fall. There may even be insecurities and jealousies that pop up when the other friend is dating someone else, even if those feelings don’t bubble to the surface in an obvious way.

If you tell her you’re “in love”, that is going to make things incredibly awkward and perhaps irretrievable if she’s not interested.

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