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Since Peter won’t be returning to the housewives, he may be gearing up to join Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, he’s a leach, a con artist and a cheater, so if he and confused liar Mimi are really dating, they make the perfect couple.A few months ago, during the summer, Peter was a popular topic in the news, he obviously doesn’t know how to manage his businesses or his money.

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Since news of his upcoming divorce, Peter claims he was blindsided when he learned that soon to be ex-wife Cynthia filed for divorce.

I don’t know why he says he was blind sided, Cynthia clearly told him what she wanted and what she needed from him and he didn’t provide what she needed, therefore she has moved on.

And clearly not worried about the threat that seeing a bride in her dress before the ceremony being bad luck, Joanna's fiancé Romain Zago was seen proudly snapping pictures of her in her wedding outfit before he pair officially tied the knot.

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Like the kind of people who burn your retinas when you stare too long. “The idea for the bar springs from the website,” Greg tells , saying that in an ideal world, we “would look across the bar and see a person’s spirit or soul,” but that’s not the case.

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