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This is a big difference compared to the Red Light District or at sex clubs in Amsterdam.No surprise then that the most beautiful girls working in the industry are escorts.Currently the Helena Public Schools Transportation Department requires that kindergarten and 1st grade students be met at their afternoon school bus stop by a parent or legal guardian for their safety.

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We heard that Helena can also be booked for an hour and not only the standard 90-minute service that the company normally offers.

Jennifer says she looks forward to please you and judging from the pictures we are not surprised.

The price is € 250 for an hour with a couple, but when you are alone and you want to book her it will cost you € 160.

Please note that she is only available for dates starting from 8 pm in the evening and she often stops working at 2 am. The reviews we can find of Kimberly are impressive; she is a pure professional and in for a lot of different services.

What a stunning escort she is, her specialty is a threesome with a couple and there are several good reviews about her services.

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