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Young people who are sexually active or curious about sex have no spaces where they can get access to comprehensive sex education let alone free contraceptives or * cue shock horror * advice on how to negotiate safer pleasurable sex. Perhaps a lot has always gone on behind the façade of conservatism and religious fervour.In the conversations on the blog I curate () I see openness about sexual desire and the diversities of sexualities that are not reflected in the public space in Ghana.

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Invariably the majority of these relationships are socially sanctioned.

People tend to turn a blind eye when the ‘big man’ attends a party with a young woman whom everyone knows is not his daughter.

The supposedly Christian values of ‘one man, one wife’, versus the reality of any number of sexual combinations: ‘one man, a mistress and at least one girlfriend’; ‘one woman, a steady partner, and several transient lovers’; ‘older man, a wife and his student girlfriend’.

All these sexual combinations abound in Ghana, and invariably people involved in these relationships are religious people who attend church or some other religious institution regularly.

Akosua also happens to be dating the choirmaster, who is married with 4 children.

Ghanaian adult dating sites

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