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Pauline Hanson is currently standing as an independent candidate for the March 2011 New South Wales Legislative Council election.

Pauline’s political career has seen her represent herself under two different political parties, both of which she created, as well as acting as a Liberal Party member and an independent candidate.

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Many consider Pauline Hanson to be an outspoken soul that is simply ahead of her time.

Comments that Lead to Controversy Pauline Hanson first came to the attention of many Australians following a comment she made to ‘The Queensland Times’ during her election campaign in March 1996.

Pauline Hanson is not the average politician, always aiming to look squeaky clean and blame free.

Instead, Pauline accepts that there are issues that Australia inevitably must address, whether it’s now or in the near future.

Quick to acknowledge that her comments to the newspaper had created controversy, she countered with the argument that despite this comment, she had managed to win support and, most importantly, the seat at the election.

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