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Questions about the now notorious anti-cyclist comments of a major donor (the chairman of cab firm Addison Lee) were batted away with a classic Borissian "I don't know anything about that".

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I wanted to put to him so many questions that remain unanswered, and even unasked.

It is fair to say that he – and his press chief, Sam Lyons – had different ideas.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, is notoriously difficult for Londoners to get close to.

He is the most highly protected and stage-managed politician in Britain, and his minders allow access to only the most reliably sympathetic or adulatory journalists.

The intent look on his face as he hissed to his wife, Marina, that "Sonia Purnell is with us", suggested he was not quite so eager. " Only later did he admit in a quiet moment that "people" had told him that, although critical in parts, Just Boris was "actually rather good".

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