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Indulge your foot fetishist in some actual footplay and they’ll be putty in your hands . It’s not unusual, at the pivotal moment, for ugly thoughts to rear their orgasm destroying heads. But when you’ve shared such an intimate experience with someone all that goes out the window. The Weirdest Sex Toys You Can't Ever Unsee Is Holding Back Our Best Sexual Moves The New Chastity?

From toe sucking, to stroking, to a full-on tootsie toss-off. You might also be interested in: What If Other Fetishes Got The 50-Shades Treatment?

I didn’t think my friend was abnormal when she told me she likes a finger up her ass. Have you ever noticed a guy/gal grab for your foot during sexy times? READ MORE: Five Totally Underrated Sex Acts Sexting is less risky You know that feeling, moments before you hit send on a dick/tits/fanny pic on Whatsapp? You’ve spent 40 minutes taking 300 pictures to make you look bigger/smaller/smoother/harder. It’s a two-way street Once your foot fancying friend knows you’re willing to indulge in their deepest darkest desires, then things get really hot. Have you often wondered what a gentle spanking would feel like?

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It seems it's about half and half when it comes to women who either love or dont mind guys with foot fetishes and those women that just cant stand it. If it's a female I'm not attracted to, more than likely, I'm not feelin it. She became my second wife, and we enjoyed 12 years of massages, pedicures, and foot worship.

As long as a woman is attractive to me, I'd like to rub and kiss on her foots. At 30 I finally found myself with a woman with whom I felt I could be completely open with about my particular fetish.

My Footboy did something out of the ordinary today.

He started to complain about his week like I CARED! So I make him get to my level, and I got my feet between his legs and milked him!

It doesn't define me, but it is an important aspect of what I find attractive about a woman.

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