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The small charge for our services outweighs the risk a hundred times over of losing all your capital. We estimate that for every deal we get, greater than 99.8% of ALL deals do NOT pass our verification procedures.

We will do a preliminary check on any company to determine if it is worth you investing your time and money to proceed. Can you afford to lose 998 out of every 1000 deals you do?

INTERESTING QUESTION: We have buyers contacting us daily asking our advice!

Of those who chose not to use our service what percentage did not complete on a deal and lost time and money? Some of the main Gold scams currently running are: 1) The most common is sellers asking you to pay upfront costs for shipping of your Gold, Shipping is expensive and this can be many 1000's of dollars.

Anyone with a reasonable amount of Gold to sell can get a visa or ship it.

4) A lot of the larger deals will ask you to send proofs, to prove you are able to complete on the deal.

You will most likely receive your parcel but don't expect to find much Gold in it. I have known of this happening from 1kg up to a multi BILLION dollar deal. 2) Asking for a ticket to escort the Gold direct to you or for an agent to do so.

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