Driver rtc cmos needs updating please

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Before you start, turn off the laptop, unplug the power adapter and remove the battery. Were you able to upgrade your Presario F700 to 4GB? Remove two screws securing the wireless card in the top left and right corners. Remove all marked screws from the bottom of the notebook. Start lifting up the switch cover as it shown on the picture below. By the way, the RTC (CMOS) battery can be accessed when you remove the memory cover. Start separating the top cover assembly from the bottom assembly. In other Compaq/HP models there could be more then one screw securing the motherboard. Lift up the right side of the motherboard as it shown on the picture below. You can access and replace the processor if you remove the heat sink.

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This cable transfers data signal from the motherboard and video card to the LCD screen.

Also, most video cables supply high voltage DC power to the screen inverter.

When you move the display, the images on the entire screen starts to flicker, disappear or change collors.

As soon as you stop moving the display, the image gets back to normal. The LCD screen lights up but there is no image at all. An external monitor connected to the laptop VGA port works fine, there is no problems with the external video output at all.

If this guide works for your notebook, please mention the model name in the comments below. Lift up the right side of the hard drive by the plastic tab to disconnect it from the motherboard. In system properties I can see 3.19GB total RAM reported. I think that 3.19GB is only limitation of a 32-bit OS. Do not forget three (green) screws in the CD/DVD drive bay.

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