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Today's drag queens are hot men who do just fine without Aqua Net -- they just happen to like performing as hot women when the mood hits.Here are 10 of the best looking drag queens, whether in heels or flats.This past weekend was the University of South Carolina’s amateur drag pageant Miss (and Mr.) Gaymecock.

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And Calen happens to be a swell looking figure of a male -- seeing him out of drag is indeed an epiphany.

LEXI THOMASA striking Barbie-type gal with great hair, Lexi is a leggy addition to Manhattan at night, and she fills it with expert contouring. COURTNEY ACTAustralian showgirl Courtney is actually a good looking guy named Shane Jenek, who's a catch whether in fishnets or not.

One of my best friends competed in this year’s pageant, and he—or she as her alter ego—is quite the fabulous queen. Which is why I find it baffling whenever he says guys turn him down because he does drag.

However, when she becomes he again—no makeup, million-inch pumps, wig and nails—he’s quite the rustic, manly-looking man. No joke—“You’re cute, and I would date you if you didn’t do drag.” Seriously, what?

As a couple of dudes, these two pals are a knockout.

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