Donal logue dating

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Recently, Donal co-starred in Max Payne with Mark Wahlberg, as well as Charlie St. He also appeared in Zodiac, directed by David Fincher, based on the Robert Graysmith books about the notorious Zodiac serial killer.

For his bravura portrayal of the improbable lady-killer, Logue won a Special Jury Prize Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

He is also memorable for playing supporting roles in such films the Wesley Snipes vehicle Blade (1998), the Julia Roberts-Richard Gere romantic comedy Runaway Bride (1999), Kevin Allens The Big Tease (1999), Mel Gibsons Revolutionary War drama The Patriot (2000), the Berlin Film Festival darling The Million Dollar Hotel (2000), American Splendor (2003), Confidence (2003), and more recently the Reese Witherspoon-Mark Ruffalo romance Just Like Heaven (2005).

He was also featured in a recurring role on "ER" as Sherry Stringfield's love interest.

In 2010, Logue finished a critically acclaimed season on "Terriers," a television series created by Ted Griffin and Shawn Ryan for FX.

Donal Logue's versatility and talent makes him one of the most well respected and beloved actors today.

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