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Our 'collegiality' did us in against ROTC opponents who played dirty politics and rabble-roused without conscience.Play with purity if you can, but that's a luxury based upon winning. 4 TYPES OF ATTRACTION: * Physical * Emotional * Mental * Spiritual At this stage couples share their positive side with each other, yet maintain their authenticity. This is the time to stay open, and active in her own life.Talking about that experience doesn't mean I still desire the girl. I'm not saying I believe that if I had followed Gray's formula Traci and I would have worked out as a couple. It is likelier, I think, that we either would have developed a real friendship or at least ended better. I left Korea without a doubt that I had to revamp my perspective and approach to courtship.

As a romantic idealist, a "This is how do it" player (to quote one of my Army roommates) is just about the lowest of the low.

The idea that the players were right was unacceptable.

As in baseball, it is generally three strikes and he either gets on base or he's out.

At this stage the focus is on having a primary romantic relationship and avoid any other relationships on the side.

They build a foundation that allows them to open their hearts, give freely, fully, and truly love each other.

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