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What company doesn't have an email address these days? All i wanted was a pdf service download for my hub,no such luck.

Now have to waste my own time travelling What do you wish you could find under the tree this Christmas morning?

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Now about 8 weeks after purchase the front wheel bearings are so rough that you can hear them when you are riding.

They are a safety critical item and could seize when I am riding causing an accident, As an ex-Departm A couple of months later I had to go back to Raleigh as I had had enough, the bike was broken again - same problems as before.

We've been working with Tange, Dia-compe, Kashimax, Skyway and many more of those original component makers to bring back this iconic bike for its 35th Anniversary in July 2017. Those wheels were probably your first taste of independence, not to mention being responsible for that liberating, carefree feeling of riding along with the wind in your hair.

Our round-up brings you not only the best first bikes for today’s children, but b...

Gave zero advice, never offered to lower the seats or handle bars to get the right fit, he just didn't care.

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