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, Christmas) is the capital and largest city of Rio Grande do Norte state, located in northeastern Brazil. I know solely because of the fact that [Facebook acquired it in 2014 for $19.3 billion]—I've literally never heard of it or seen it in any other context—so that answer is current but dull to me.

As of the IBGE July 2014, the city had a total population of 862,044 (1,485,505 in its Greater Natal). I had no idea was also, oddly, a gimme, in that I knew it had to be [something] GOLF, and since drinking was involved ... PUB (33A: Drinking game where each bar that's visited is considered a hole). I need to go see how my birthday cake turned out...

In one chapter, Rushkoff surveys examples of alternative currencies, examining their potential to encourage the "velocity" of money, the rate at which it circulates amongst different people through transactions, resulting in more real world economic activity instead of pooling in the investment portfolios of rich people where it tends to exit the productive portion of the economy.

One example he cites is Berkshares, a scrip used in the Berkshires that offers a discount on local purchases.

For his part, Parker has denied claims of plagiarism.

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