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This is the story of how Zack and Kelly went from Bayside High School's hottest couple, to a mere afterthought.It's also the story of how many of us who grew up with the show lost our innocence.The problem being that Kelly is poor and can't afford to buy her Juliet costume.

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For diehard SBTB fans, we know that Lisa was part of the original Good Morning, Miss Bliss middle school class, so after Screech, she’s known Zack the longest.

She supports his hackneyed plans, like covering for Zack’s cross-dressing counterpart Bambi, and she’s there for him emotionally, like in that rare moment when Zack shares some hardcore feels about his knee surgery.

They even kiss in one episode, though we pretended it didn’t happen by the next.

I suspect that this kiss and his overwhelming emotions for Lisa could have very well short-circuited his Time Out abilities, affecting the entire Bayside area.

My biggest argument for Zack and Lisa: out of all of their friends, only she stays single during the series, possibly waiting for that day when Zack would wise up.

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