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: How Your Behavior Tells You All You Need To Know Taking Control and the Law of Attraction: Part 2 of the Change Your Life Series “But He Says He Loves Me”: Manipulation Through Words The post-date analysis was one of my favorite pastimes.

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My first suggestion though, is to grab a pen and paper and write down exactly what you’re looking for in a partner.

When you’ve got it out there – it means you’ve given it some thought, it’s in your conscious mind and you are more apt to notice it when it comes waltzing past you. They have unresolved trauma that they haven’t dealt with and in every relationship they have, these unresolved issues will always be at the forefront of every single thing they say and do.

Beware the addict: Drugs, alcohol, porn, sex, gambling, if you discover your date has any type of compulsive behavior, that they can’t control – it’s time to hit the pavement in a big, big way, before you’ve made any emotional investment.

The red flags are smacking you in the face here – see them and skedaddle.

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