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Black Male Murderer: Roderick Davie, 19 Victims: * Tracey Jefferys, 21 (w/f - beaten to death with a chair) * John Ira Coleman, 38 (b/m - shot in the head) * William John Everett (w/m - survived with a gun shot to the head and two other gun shots to the body) Note: Black male Davie would likely have killed more innocent people, however, and fortunately, he ran out of bullets.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Baltimore, MD, June 6, 1991 * Black Male Thrill-Kill * Apparently for self-amusement, two black males decided to ambush a middle-aged white female.As the white female was walking toward her car, along with her two young grandkids by her side, black male Baker ran up to her and simply shot her in the head and then fled.

When Hollis located the elderly female he beat, raped and then strangled her to death . According to police, the white male was beat, gagged, choked, then stabbed to death. Jackson's girlfriend, Linda Riley, also according to police, was an active participant in the murder.

Innocent White Male: * Linton Moody, 64 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. Baltimore, Maryland, April 2000 Black Male Massacre Black Racism A black male, Davon Temple, 20, …

Black Male Murderer: Harvey Lee Green, 33 White People: * Sheila Bland, 17 * John Edmundson, 33 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. 7, 2000 Public Abduction - Murder Three black males and a black female, Perry Eugene Williams, Jr., 19, James Dunn, Corey Phillips, Kinita Starr Butler (girlfriend of Williams), …abducted a young white male college student hoping to get cash from his ATM card.

However, for unknown reasons, on their way to the ATM that plan abruptly changed. Black male Williams got out of the car and then stuck his gun in the window and shot the white male in the head, killing him instantly.

South Haven, MI, April 26, 1998 Public Abduction - Brutal Murder Of Innocent White Female Four blacks, Ed Foster, 29, Scottie Shaver, 25 Shevolier Gill, 21 Adrienne Burnette, 2 ...abducted a white female - in a white community- then drove her to a secluded area where they proceeded to beat her to death. 1996 - 1999 Public Abduction - Rape - Torture - Murder “Christine Ortega, a Special Victims Unit Prosecutor, said the rape was the most brutal one she had ever seen in her career.” A black male, Donald Eugene Younge, 43, --In 1996, stalked, raped and beat an innocent young white female.

Dating a amle cancer

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