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'I just went because my friends, we all really liked that whole You Tube thing at that time and my friends told me about [the concert] and said that [Sam Pepper] would be there.'When she asked if she could have tickets to his show, Pepper said he might be able to get her a backstage pass, but not her older sister and friend, to the show.

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We can say just about anything we want and they'll still think we're the front desk workers. Entitled To Trash Bags - This guy calls the front desk and asks for some trash bags to be delivered to his room.

Especially when we're calling late at night and waking them from their sleep. We are using a police scanner to listen to the hotels frequencies and hear his request, so we call his room back.

This guy thinks he's important enough to get us fired.

Ink Pen Attorney - We are listening to the hotel's radio frequencies and hear this man request to have an ink pen delivered to his room, so we yell at him for wasting our resources.

This starts out with us telling a guest that they never paid the bill that we slipped under their door.

Chat prank sexual best room

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