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That's only because they're right's convenient." Rosado said it was frustrating that the city's Human Rights Commission and the Parks Department had made a decision without consulting the women who actually use the pool.

Community Board 1 agreed and voted to draft a letter asking the Parks Department to freeze the current hours until they can be discussed as a community.

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"It's going to be so crowded, I'll just have to stop," Kraus said.

"I'll be devastated." The written petition, which has not yet been sent to city officials, garnered around 300 signatures, according to organizers.

The swimmers have circulated a petition calling the limited single-sex pool time an "insult to women who still want to hang onto the right morals." "We respectfully ask the Parks Department to restore at once the full hours that we previously had, to insure the health and well being of the community who have no other resource for recreation & health," the Sept. Orthodox Jewish women are forbidden by their religion to swim with men.

For Scheindel Kraus, 74, it is not just a matter of modesty, it's a matter of health and fitness.

"Any female was welcome," said Rosado, 62, who joined the pool a few months back specifically for the all-women's hours.

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