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quality=80&strip=all&w=1000&h=563" width="1000" height="563" / While there may have been no romantic relationship between Danny and Bo, the Irish singer admitted he had had taken a shine to one of this year’s contestants.

After being filmed flirting with Hollyoaks star Alice Barlow during her audition, he admitted: ‘I don’t think there is a red-blooded man in the world who wouldn’t find her attractive.’ Danny had been in a long-term relationship with model Irma Mali, but the pair split in June last year.

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He said the pair had written a song together but that it was inspired by the death of Bo’s mother, who lost her battle with cancer shortly after The Voice came to an end last year.

‘For me I was more impressed by her story about how she can overcome tragedy,’ he said.

However, Bo has apparently been left devastated and ’emotionally exhausted’ by Danny’s protestations and she now believes that the handsome singer never really cared about her, even though their relationship spanned a period of her life when she lost her terminally ill mother to cancer.

A source told Mail Online: ‘Bo and Danny’s relationship was real and not a publicity stunt, despite Danny’s claim that it was.

At the time, Bo discovered her mother was dying of pancreatic cancer and Danny gushed that she was his “inspiration” as she would spend every waking moment not in the studio at her mother’s bedside in hospital.

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